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Quality – Availability – Service. Large inventory of Interchangeable Tube Fittings and Valves. Relief Valves- Check Valves- Manifold Valves- Ball Valves- Plug Valves. Nationwide distribution network.

En caché Similares Traducir esta página (Single and Double Ferrule Options). SUPERLOK Tube Fittings are produced by a strict management of materials, high precision design and the best machining technologies.

The use of SUPERLOK tube fittings result . BMT만의 뛰어난 기술력으로 탄생하여 우수한 밀페력을 자랑합니다. We also supply hose, tubing, tools and accessories. Series Ball Valves, Flanged Ball Valves, High Pressure Needle Valves.

CROSSES are described by the . Todos los productos de la marca SUPERLOK. Rozsah provozních teplot: -1˚C až 6˚C. Excellent Leak-Free Sealing System in high thermal stresses and high impulse.

Manufacuring product range 1. Ofrecemos un servicio de excelencia y contamos con el stock mas grande en el país de tubería, válvulas y conectores de acero inoxidable para la instalación de instrumentos de medición, control y conducción de fluidos y gases para la industria nacional. I: SUPERLOK TUBE FITTING. The Patented red pop off ring ensures proper make-up of the fitting every time. This safety feature allows anyone to be able to make up a proper fitting regardless of their training. JUST TIGHTEN UNTIL THE RING POPS OFF!

Superlok is a mechanically seamed roof. Tube and Pipe Fittings Instrumentation and Process Valves BMT Product Total Catalogues. Ideal for use with various kinds of tubing, including steel, copper and stainless. An ideal choice for fluid and solutions transfer, vacuum applications, gases, high temperatures, vibration, pulsation and more. These installation instructions are specific to Super-Lok backing, both pattern and non-pattern products.

They are not applicable for all sub-floor conditions. If you have any questions concerning the proper installation (or use) of Tandus Centiva Super-Lok backings, or on specific products on this backing . A new history of fitting has begun. Creates a perfect seal every time. Safest fitting on the market.

Built-in gap gauge on every fitting. CAD Drawing Available, NO.