Smith valves

By | March 4, 2014

Our reputation has been forged over a solid half century. Smith Forged Steel Valve is one of the oldest valve brands for API 6forged steel smith valves in the industry today. Producing a broad range of gate, globe and check valves. Smith , manufactures a wide variety of API 6and ASME B16.

Smith has made substantial and continuous investments in technology, resulting in improved engineering, designs, and manufacturing processes. The Smith SOLID COLLECTION of High Pressure Flanged End Valves.

We carry an extensive line of product that covers virtually every segment. We represent some of the leading brands in the industry today including Perar, PK, . Select, price and buy Smith gate valves online! Large selection of gate valves in stock. We manufacture in Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Gunmetal for use by major industries, water . How does a Gate Valve work? This animation identifies the parts inside of a Globe Valve as well as its basic.

Sharpe products combine critical engineering, quality management , and testing in the US plus actuation services for multipurpose valves.

The valve is hydraulically-operated and diaphragm -controlled utilizing normally-open (N.O.) and normally closed (N.C.) . GL valve interlocks suit all types of handwheel operated valves , including gate, globe, and gear-operated valves. They manufacture in Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Gunmetal for use by major industries, water authorities and marine applications . De kwalitatief hoogwaardige Smith Valves worden al jaar wereldwijd in vele raffinage, chemie en andere procesinstallaties naar tevredenheid gebruikt. Decades later they added stainless steal, alloy and forged brass ball valves to their product line. The company has gone undergone major overhauls, changing hands three times. Ten years later he added a forged brass ball valve line to the production stream.

Gulf Oilfield And Marine Automation Services (GOMAS) FZE. The Leading Oilfield Supplier and Marine Automation Services in the Middle East. Smith 2Series Control Valves feature hydraulically-operate diaphragm actuate globe valves and high performance wafer sphere valves.

Flow control is accomplished by using fluid line pressure . To be the “go-to-guys” for quality products and value-added service. Caloneis westii (W. Smith ) Hendey Pl. Smith valve interlocks are mechanical devices that guarantee safety and first-time -right in manual valve operations through a key transfer principle.

Specialising in the manufacturing of small to medium size valves for the control of fluids and gases in most pipe conveying systems, the Peter Smith Valve Company offers quality products in cast iron, cast steel and gunmetal for varying applications. Valves are supplied with metric, ANSI or imperial flange drillings. Smith valve , collapsible segments were employe whereas in the Robinson valve, pressure release rings were incorporated.

Ball relief valves were also used for this purpose of relieving any excessive pressure.

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