Slot drain

By | March 11, 2014

En caché Similares Con más de años en el mercado nacional gestiona los proyectos de obra civil y obras municipales, a nivel de ingeniería y venta del producto en el mercado. This can be utilised by designers for aesthetic benefit without the need to compromise on the drainage capacity. Marshalls NEW Drexus Slot Drain is a highly effective yet beautifully discreet solution for surface water removal on premium landscapes.

It is also used in areas subject . Marshalls New Drexus 1channel is hidden beneath a slimline galvanised steel slot which features a mono or duo linear aperture.

Perfect for complementing block or flag installations . Water management for commercial projects. The slot (s) blend in with the paving joints and the center or offset slots prevent debris from being trapped. A slot drain is a linear drain used to evacuate ground water. The difference between a slot drain and the traditional trench drain is that the slot drain does not have any kind of grating. In recent years, this drainage concept is more often used in both indoor and outdoor applications, such as fire halls, car washes, landscaping, . Slot Drain has a 25mm opening on the top with slots over three metres draining into 90mm Stormwater pipe.

The insert used during concrete installation should be removed once concrete has cured to maximise drainage.

The Slot Drain is used for storm-water run-off and is also suitable for surface water drainage around . Slot drain (also known as slot pipe or slotted drain ) offers a solution for areas where high flows are needed and large grates are not desirable. Slot drains are heavy duty commercial grade drains that are typically used in highways, roads, driveway entrances, curb and gutter, and other high speed and high flow applications. The stainless steel slot drain is a discreet drainage solution perfect for use with contemporary sawn paving. Duraslot pipe helps solve your horizontal drainage needs by intercepting sheet flows . Slotted Drain efficiently removes surface water on streets and parking lots.

The simple design allows for easy installation and maintenance. All SportsEdge track drain systems have been developed after extensive market research with athletic directors, owners, and designers. Trench Drain and Surface Drainage Systems in the United States. The lead us to new generation drainage.

The ACO Slot Drain Range is suitable for all common applications and all common floor types. Selecting a channel from the slot drainage range is easy. Favoured by landscape architects, our slot drain has been designed to offer a very discreet but highly effective channel drainage solution. The slot channels maximise flow capacity while minimising the profile visible at ground level, allowing it to fit within the surrounding area. Find all the manufacturers of slot drainage channel and contact them directly on ArchiExpo.

Helping you find the best product for your project. Catch Basin with Loose Set Solid Cover and Sediment Bucket.

Brickslot is a discrete drainage solution for use with brick or stone pavers up to 63mm deep. The 10mm slot blends in with the paving joints giving an aesthetic solution.