Kaplan turbine

By | October 2, 2017

They work efficiently when there is a huge water flow available. Mainly it is designed for low head water applications. Kaplan is also known as propeller turbine.

By using shaft power displacing the water axially and creating axial . First, a theoretical design was . Its a home task assignment for me,that i want to share with others.

They are a type of propeller turbine that has an axial flow, taking in water parallel to its rotational axis. The adjustability of the guide vanes and runner blades allows optimal use of varying water flow. The drive to the generator is . It is an axial flow reaction turbine.

This operates in an entirely closed conduit to tailrace. WORKING PRINCIPLE OF KAPLAN. During his trip in the line from the upstream basin to basin downstream, the fluid will undergo friction and encounter obstacles that will reduce its energy.

This energy loss in pipes is called head loss and can be given in meters.

The hydraulic energy that we want to capture is composed of: The kinetic energy ( velocity) of the . Higher specific speed corresponds to a lower head. This requires that the runner should admit a comparatively large quantity of water. For a runner of given diameter, the maximum flow rate is achieved when the flow is parallel to the axis.

Such a machine is known as axial flow reaction . Then we proceeded to the inspection and the analysis. Una vez extraída la pala, se procedió a su inspección y análisis. The machine was built by S. In the 1years since its creation, a variety of turbine configurations have been developed.

The Spiral, the Impeller and the Drafttube. Each component has its own mesh. All the meshes are created automatically for each component within snappyHexMesh. Any number of model components is allowe for example a typical Kaplan . As a part of the failure analysis, the turbine operation history was revised and the metallographic study was done. A sample of the cracked turbine shaft was examined using optical microscopy and.

The installation will be equipped with two newly developed and innovative systems. The patent application has already been submitted). Control of the impeller and diffuser.

Constructed as a monoblock and can be used in both vertical and horizontal versions. Guide wheel performs the function of operational closure and the system is solved by gravity or pressure accumulator. Installation is almost exclusively a direct connection to . Learn important checks to achieve reliable, worry-free sealing.

This type of unit is frequently used at low-head sites with high flow. A technical innovation that is still on exhibit at the .