By | March 28, 2014

Eflushmate also offers accessories . Browse our troubleshooting guide. We can help you find what you need. Disconnect water supply line from the . Important: Do not return to store where purchased.

Please read the entire manual before attempting to make any adjustments or repairs.

Flushometer-Tank System, make certain that the water supply valve is turned off and the toilet has been flushed to relieve . Canada because the system can burst at or near the vessel weld seam releasing stored pressure. Imagine, you go to flush the toilet and it explodes. If you think this is funny, hold on.

There is a legitimate problem and safety issue with some brands of toilets. Made of durable materials and easy to install. Flushmate , a division of Sloan Valve Company, has recalled 2. Shop with confidence on eBay!

The lawsuit, United Desert Charities, et.

Log-in or register for your pricing. Also have handy the name of the manufacturer of the toilet. With this information, you can identify the replacement part you need. Free shipping on all orders over $and no tax (except WI and CO)! The unit uses a combination of water and air pressure to flush waste more forcefully down the drain.

Sorry for the graphic description. Can this thing beremoved and replaced with a normal flushing mec. Replacement Tanks, Cartridges, and Handle Kits. A settlement worth $million has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging that Sloan Valve Company sold defective pressurized flushing mechanisms that could cause toilets to explode. Over 3incidents of property damage or personal injury from the toilet exploding have been reported.

Learn about working at Sloan Flushmate. Join LinkedIn today for free. GPF Pressure Assist Toilet Flush Operating System at Amre Supply – Property Performance Centres with locations across Canada.

This noise occurs just AFTER the toilet has flushe while the tank is refilling. A somewhat loud whooshing noise is normal when this type of toilet is flushe this sounds similar to the noise a commercial toilet . Rough- in” refers to the . Its advanced technology offers high performance but uses much less water than conventional gravity toilets. Sometimes there are failures related to the handle linkage.

Average Wholesale Price: $33. Water Management Price: $25. FLUSHMATE III uses less than 1.