Ansul a 101

By | August 10, 2017

A- 1Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System. The system is designed for use on large, off-road type construction and mining equipment, underground mining equipment and . The ANSUL A-1Fire Suppression System is an automatic or manual fire suppression system using FORAY (monoammonium phosphate base) dry chemical agent for Class A, B, and C fires. Muchas industrias invierten en valiosos equipos móviles. Sin embargo, también deben invertir en protegerlos contra incendios. While the FORAY dry chemical knocks down flames, the LVS agent cools surrounding areas, minimizing the possibility of reflash.

The fire suppression system can be used as a protection of large, off- road . MP-N homologado por MSHA). El sistema de supresión de incendios ANSUL A-1es un sistema de supresión de incendios manual o automático que utiliza el polvo químico FORAY (de fostato monoamónico) para . This manual is intended for use with the ANSUL A-1Vehicle. Those who install, operate, recharge, inspect, or maintain these fire suppression systems should read this entire manual. Ansul Mobile Fire Protection Soulutions 2. The I- 1Fire Suppression System is an automatic, stored pressure, dry chemical system is designed to. Ansul 4234Cartridge, Carbon Dioxide, 1-20.

NOTE: Carbon Dioxide Cartridges are classified as a HAZMAT item. There will be an added $HAZMAT fee for every cartridge purchased. If you are ordering multiple cartridges you will be charged the $HAZMAT fee per package (up to lbs.).