By | June 26, 2017

Segments demanding heavy protective performance often include Transportation, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agricultural and Construction . Recubrimiento epóxico poliamida multipropósito. Ideal para interior de tanque de lastre, en talleres como recubrimiento anticorrosivo y para servicio de inmersión. Curing mechanism, Solvent release and chemical reaction between components.

Dry film thickness per coat, to mils (1to 2microns).

Cures through wide temperature range. Resists soil pickup – cleans easily. Har flexible and abrasion resistant.

PMC products coat a wide variety of projects in various markets including: marine, infrastructure, energy, transportation . Multi-purpose epoxy (3Series). Excellent durability in both marine and industrial environments. Compatible over inorganic zincs.

Outstanding chemical and weather resistance.

Suitable for immersion service. Self-priming, economical . Amercoat Marine Supply from ShipServ. Degrease, whip blast or acid etch. Instrucciones de aplicación.

Imprimador para sistemas durables con una amplia variedad de capas de acabado, incluyendo poliuretanos y acrílicos. Epóxico intermedio de altos sólidos y alto cuerpo. White, Black, Oxide Re Buff, Pearl Gray.

Epoxy coatings will characteristically chalk and fade upon exposure to sunlight. Infrastructuur, (petro)chemie, civiele staalbouw, weg- en waterbouw, . Technical Service for guidance on chemical resistance. Check with PPG technical service for the maximum allowable soluble salt level for water immersion service. This will vary based on the water chemistry and service.

PPG offers a wide variety of coatings for enumerable applications and conditions. Please contact your sales representative, or your closest location, for details. High solids high build epoxy intermediate coat.

AMERCOAT 3PA contains zinc phosphate for enhanced corrosion inhibitive performance, which is . To obtain the maximum performance for which Dimetcote is formulate strict adherence to all application instructions .